go ahead and load the gfx
[1999 - 2k12] 

13/03/12; 20:56 CET
adder the link to whitewall and 500px where you can shop my photo´s
27/12/09; 11:24 CET
new link to a good shop if you need glasses in a professional quality
brillebitte.de is online now!

06/01/09; 17:18 CET
the "selected dA" section got another update

14/06/08; 13:51 CET

new pictures in the "photography section", please take a look

11/06/08; 12:21 CET
the peru pictures got a new design, now all flash
with simple viewer as well

09/06/08; 15:05 CET
i am quite happy with my Pentax K10D, see a lot of results
in the "selected dA"section! (updated once i a while)

08/05/08; 10:27 CET
some new pictures in the selected dA section!

05/04/08; 15:16 CET
pictures from bangkok, cambodia and vietnam are online!

02/04/08; 08:13 CET
back from vacation! wow! pictures already sorted, gallery in beta-phase.
will be online for the public very soon, stay tuned... !
for the time in between, take a look at tk78.deviantart.com!

27/01/08; 19:25 CET
added a new section, finally, but still testing!

20/01/08; 22:54 CET
some new pictures on deviantart | again a new last.fm chart

29/05/07; 19:09 CET

added a new last.fm chart at the start page

 15/03/07; 16:47 CET
pics from my trip to austria are online | provence got updated

 03/02/07; 00:12 CET
hopefully some updates are coming up soon!

 18/01/07; 18:52 CET
i am happy

 16/09/06; 15:10 CET
second picture series for a class at university is online as well
it is about time and movement this time.
more things to come hopefully. but still updating my deviantart-account from time to time...

 04/01/06; 15:50 CET
i have the first picture series for a class at university online, just for testing purpose
right now. it is about choosing one place and showing it in different perspectives and formats.

the second one is still "in the shooting" and is about "time and movement".
i will post is here as well very soon!

 15/07/05; 14:27 CET
again some pics made it to my deviant art-account.
since i am on holiday now i will try to make the new section for this page as well.

 24/02/05; 21:23 CET
i added some new work to my deviant-art account again (link below).
maybe a new section is coming up for this page. need to think about that...

 05/12/04; 13:20 CET
added some old works at my deviant-art account that don´t fit
on this page right now. perhaps a new design would be nice... ?

10/10/04; 19:28 CET 
the first part of my provence gallery (the b/w shots) is online now
some color-shots will perhaps follow later, still need to sort them a little

09/10/04; 17:41 CET
still working on the gallery, but soon to be finished!
check out my side-project at deviant-art meanwhile:

15/09/04; 14:52 CET
back from france but still no time and will to put the new pics online ...
i am not happy with my gallery results so far, mixing b/w and colored pics.
but i added some amazon-links to cd´s that remind me on my trips, check them out!
21/08/04; 15:00 CET
i am off to southern france from 22nd of august to 28th of august.
hopefully i will have some new pictures for the website after i return...